Heat Transfer film

Heat Transfer film

Xiang In provide heat transfer film is a good way to replace traditional stickers, it can perfectly decorate the artwork on products, not only able to raise the quality of final product, but also waterproof and resist high temperature.
Heat transfer film also solve the problem of traditional sticker that able to prevent glue be peel off from water or remain the glue on product after using for a long time.

Heat transfer film is using the way of heat and high pressure to transfer delicate artwork on blank containers. It’s not only enhanced the appearance of the product, but also can increase value, and help to gain more profit for the company.

Every film is made by customer’s requirement, the artwork is customized, so each product is unique, not easy to be copied. Heat transfer film able to be apply on various plastic product, metal, wooden or glass products, the transfer area is widely used from small houseware products to big size of paint bucket.
Besides, customer able to put product instructions and their own brand together to make the product to be consistency at first sight.

Xiang In is customer-oriented and manufacture heat transfer film for 25 years. We keep develop new materials to provide more options for our customers, to help them enhance the appearance of the product, lower the cost, increase the sales volume, and gain more profit at the same time.
Xiang In Enterprise committed to be an environmentally friendly company, we use new developed water-based ink to meet European RoHs regulations and international eco standard. It’s reduced pollution, carbon emissions and energy saving.
It will be a great competitive advantage for being a manufacturer who's product mainly exported to choose heat transfer film as upgrade the packaging printing on the product.